Ingenuity Rabbit Escape

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The genius rabbit is contributing heavily on technical things in the town, in turn he is given food always and is allowed to do what it wants like playing and just being an animal for he is still biologically so, it’s only his brain that exceeds even the average person and it was quite an ascended animal. He is also called a ‘he’ now for he is like another person, but because he is small, he is still not immune to small animal dangers like traps or animals bigger than him, and that day even he got into a potential trouble!

Actually, he was nowhere to be found and the last note of his assistant was he is out playing and never came back for a while. Something might have happened to it and as a person who assists him of everything, Caleb must find him for all he knows he might be in great danger and needs help! Escape players, want to help on this potential rescue here for the genius rabbit? Place yourself on the shoes of Caleb then and be ready for what’s to come against you for this rescue.

Ingenuity Rabbit Escape is a brand new point and click rescue escape game from Games 4 King.