Forest House Apartment Escape Game

Forest House Apartment Escape

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Apartments have been constructed near the vast forest and upon finishing, this one apartment building had a lot of customers at one side for the view of the vast wilderness there was absolutely great and the air was definitely fresh. One of the persons who luckily got a room there and a luxurious one too, was Charles and he was absolutely happy for the place was worth its cost and the view outside was beautiful. Charles spent more time there for everything was easier than when he was at his home, it was near his workplace and that's why it is easier, that's why he spent more times there a week. One day however, something happened there and because it's his place then he needs to solve it.

Charles noticed at first that the doors were hard to open, so he checked it out and see what ails it, only then it got worst and now it could no longer be opened! Charles is starting to get concerned and more so when he found-out that his phone wasn't working! He can't call for help and this is starting to look very suspicious. Whatever this situation is, Charles needs to fix this problem and escape too before it gets worst. Escape players, want to join in the escape here with Charles and see if you can solve it and escape safely?

Forest House Apartment Escape is a brand new point and click indoor escape game released by Fun Escape Games.

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