Blossam Yellow Forest Escape Game

Blossam Yellow Forest Escape

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The land is now starting to turn yellow for the trees there are shifting their leaves thanks to the weather. For centuries people have been amazed with the place, that's why they turned it into a park which people can go on a leisurely walk or go biking deeper into the place. It has a huge benefit for the people living near it, for even though they are in a city, there is this park and seeing greenery for humans is very important for mood and make better decisions in the future. That day, Samantha went to the place for her break from the office was long and she needed to see more nature after hours of facing her computer. It was good as she walks on the trail leading deeper into the forest, but little did she know that something is about to happen there which she did not expect at all.

Samantha got lost in the place and at first she thought she was going the right way as she returns to the city, but actually she made a wrong turn in one of the splits on the path and it seems that it had only led her deeper into the forest! Escape players, Samantha needs help here for somehow she suddenly didn't know what to do. Come and help her out as carefully as you can for taking another path might end-up in you being more lost in the place.

Blossam Yellow Forest Escape is another new point and click wilderness escape game made by WoW Escape.

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