Flying Scotsman Locomotive Game

Flying Scotsman Locomotive

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The Scotsman has a lot to write on his newspaper. Today, his goal is to cover the biggest sport event in history. He has to go to a baseball field and the fastest way to get there is the train. However, the train had a problem with the locomotive which caused him to wait for hours. He could not wait any longer so you have to help him out. The only way that you can think of is to make him fly. You have to bring him to the airport and book him the earliest flight possible. However, another problem arises. He can't find his way out of the train station so you have to guide him. He is not from this place and that is why he is not familiar. Thankfully, there are clues that can help the both of you to solve this quickly.

There are also items that you can collect and use for your escape plan. You just have to use your logic and think of the fastest way to escape. You can't waste so much time so you have to move as fast as you can. Flying Scotsman Locomotive is another room escape game by GelBold. Good luck!

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