Billy Graveyard Escape Game

Billy Graveyard Escape
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Billy loves Halloween so much and everyone knows that. What you want to know is how much he loves it. With that, you set up a prank for Billy. You said that there is a Halloween Party at the address that you gave him. He didn't know that the address goes to the graveyard. At first, you thought that this is funny but looks like the prank went too far. Billy is having trouble finding the way out of the graveyard. Because of that, you have to step up and help him to find the way out. Thankfully, there are clues that can help you to find the right path out. However, there are puzzles along the way that you need to solve before you can finally escape. On the good note, there are items all over the place that you can pick up and use to solve the puzzles.

Nobody wants to stay in a scary place like this so you have to escape as quick as possible. So even with the help of those clues and objects, you still have to use your logic to escape. Billy Graveyard Escape is the newest outdoor escape game by Genie Fun Games. Good luck!

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