Floret Garden Escape Game

Floret Garden Escape

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They have renovated the park which was a big one near the city and now the place is filled with beautiful flowers as well as even more lush vegetation. The place looks more like the Queen's beautifully overgrown garden and the next week it will finally be open to the public. The government had sent a few inspectors and professional gardeners to the place as the week passes, they need to see the progress of the garden if all flora there are thriving and if one is not, they remove it and replace it with another. One of those professionals was Moira and she was quite the gardener for she tries to check every small shrub in the entire place, it took her a while but one day a problem occurred and that took even more operation time from her there!

Moira got lost in the garden for she thinks she might have taken another path leading deeper into the place. Well nobody can memorize everything especially in this garden, for it's vast and they had people before that got lost as well. But because Moira is alone here she has to do it on her own in finding the path back. Escape players, will you help Moira here out from the beautiful city's garden?

Floret Garden Escape is a brand new point and click outdoor escape game from WoW Escape.

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