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Coach House Fun Escape

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Richard's financial coach had shown him his house so he can add a little obedience to him for Richard can be a person who has difficulty in following orders from time to time, by showing his house then he might finally listen to him so he will have the drive to get where he is at right-now. The house was definitely big and luxurious, but they weren't there just to see the house, they were also there to learn more financial strategies and self-discipline. After a few hours at one point his coach left a bit to go get something and minutes passed but still there's no coach anywhere. Richard tried to find his coach among the rooms of the place but unfortunately he couldn't and there was another thing, none of the main doors would open no matter how he tried!

Is this some sort of new method of discipline? For this is really a new one and by now he should have already solved it, or it's still on. Escape players, Richard here needs to escape right-now from his coach's house if that's the point of this strange thing, will you help Richard out without of course destroying anything but also making use of everything in the living-room where he is at?

Coach House Fun Escape is the newest point and click indoor escape game from Fun Escape Games.

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