Find The Halloween Food Game

Find The Halloween Food

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Come and try this item retrieval here through the spookiness of the place! Find The Halloween Food is the newest point and click indoor escape game from Games 2 Rule. Have fun!

There was going to be a huge Halloween party in the area and the venue was in a single house heavily decorated with Halloween stuff. Everyone had a part to do to make the party successful, as for the food and catering, that is Matt's job and throughout the time he had been trying his best to catch-up. But because the party is going to turn-up soon and actually sooner than he expected to get the food to be done, he fears he might not be able to deliver successfully. Well it's not the time to give-up though and those remaining food may it be a big cake or a huge fruit bowl, it must be completely done.

Matt is currently missing a few items on his menu, he aims to complete all of it but that is going to need a lot of elbow-grease however. Escape players, Matt must find a certain food somewhere in the house now for he knows he place it somewhere and because he was very busy, he forgot where he actually placed it. Join Matt here then everyone, find that food on the menu somewhere before the party starts. Good luck then and make haste!

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