Rescue The Buffalo Game

Rescue The Buffalo

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Rescue The Buffalo is a brand new point and click animal rescue escape game from Top 10 New Games. Enjoy this rescue attempt here in the dead of night!

Late that night, Dexter was out of his house for there was this noise coming from the forest and he can't really get some sleep thanks to how continuous it was. That got Dexter to really decide on finding-out what's going-on and as he gets closer to the mysterious source of the sound, he begins to slowly think what it is and when he arrived to the area, he was actually right!

There was this big cage in the middle of the foliage and it was loud there, what's inside was what he thought it was and it's a mature buffalo screaming! Who would want to smuggle such a huge animal from here? That poacher or hunter or something must be crazy. Escape players, Dexter is really going to rescue that buffalo there for it won't stop and it's very noisy. Care to join in with the rescue here with Dexter and see if you can pry-open the cage and get that buffalo out? Good luck then everyone, have fun on the rescue and be very careful for the animal can go wild if it thinks it is threatened. Have fun!

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