Broody Hen Rescue From Cage Game

Broody Hen Rescue From Cage

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Try this rescue here for a trapped chicken from a pretty scary place! Broody Hen Rescue From Cage is the newest point and click animal rescue escape game from Games 2 Jolly. Have fun with us daily.

Roman's hen just broke-free from the coop again and it's not just a hen, for that one is a heavy layer and most of the time it gets the job done whether it may be supplying eggs or chicks. But there's no perfect thing is there now, and the downfall of that hen is it always wanted to get-out and also finds a way successfully. Roman thought that day he will increase the fortification of his coop to the best that he can and maybe that'll get the job done finally, but there is a first thing he must do though and he is thinking about it if he is going to do it or not.

Roman looked for his hen around the area and when he passed around the scary and ruined house which he would not dare go, he found his hen there trapped inside a cage! Wait, who would have the courage to even set a trap there? That certain someone has no emotions, for he or she wasn't even scared of the place. But Roman must not be scared though, for his hen is there and he needs to rescue the animal before the sun gets even more low. Escape players, Roman must try his best to get his hen back and by doing so with the hopes not to disturb any spooks behind the doors of the haunted house there. Join him then everyone and good luck!

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