Cute Football Boy Escape Game

Cute Football Boy Escape

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Cute Football Boy Escape is a brand new point and click rescue escape game released by Avm Games. Have Fun and may you solve this challenging rescue with us.

The village was pretty remote and quite far from the city, but still the people living there have a person which became their pride. There was a kid living there and he was a champion in football for aspirants, he had won many leagues in a short time and with his team, they make a pretty good mix for the win. That kid was also very adventurous and on that day he didn't have any practice or commitments, he just decided to roam around the houses of the village and also to just practice his stamina as well as footwork.

But that day however, Stan who was also a villager was minding his own business when at some point, he noticed a scream for help inside one of the currently unoccupied houses and there he saw the champ is actually trapped in there! Stan have no idea why the boy was there, but he must rescue the pride of this place and as a person, he really has to help that kid. Escape players, care to join Stan here as he tries to rescue the boy safely? Do this as relaxed as possible now and good luck!

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