Escape From Spooky Halloween Forest

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You can’t even remember how many times the said forest has gotten you, it always wins and even though some of your friends are able to get through it easily, you were not as successful as them for you always get lost and end-up in the hands of the spooks there! That in turn takes your time and prior to entering, you are able to escape several hours later. Of course you got fed-up of constant losing, that’s why you decided to enter there once more and this time on the eve of Halloween!

That is definitely a bad idea for the place will get extra hard and even your friends don’t even want to go against it during that time! Guess you got clouded by your frustrations here, but what can you do now escape players, for you are already in the place in the dead of night at Halloween! Okay now, your chances to escape there just got slimmer thanks to the night’s event, but if you are able to escape then you will be one of the few who are able to do that and those guys are even considered legends! Be ready, for you are going to face more spooks and hard challenges there.

Escape From Spooky Halloween Forest is the newest point and click scary wilderness escape game created by Games 2 Rule.

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Walkthrough video for Escape From Spooky Halloween Forest

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