Escape From Spider Mountain

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This jungle here is very eerie, well the people who come there have a reason to be scared for the place is home to mutant-like spiders and they are not the ambush type, they really attack people! That’s why Andrew’s friends were confused of him of why he wanted to go in there, for even if his reason is adventure, it is still not enough for he is risking his safety there.

Andrew enters alone for nobody would go with him there, it was okay at first but then he got lost and now he is circling in the wilderness there trying to find his way out! He never thought he would face a problem such as this, for he is too focused on the spiders that he never really thought of getting lost. Escape players, Andrew needs extra help here now, want to assist him then so he can escape the place?

Escape From Spider Mountain is another new point-and-click scary wilderness escape game made by Big Escape Games.

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Walkthrough video for Escape From Spider Mountain

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