Halloween Giant Spider Escape

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The forest is a scary place to be entering into, but Henry must go in there for he is going to rescue a friend which was not at all typical. Henry has a friend who is a very heavily armored giant spider and this creature lives in the land! It is quite huge and dangerous, but it is friendly to him though for he sees the creature as it is and it’s actually a being that means no harm to humans, only its appearance is scary and would put people away. That day, Henry did not find his friend spider in its burrow, which is a weird thing for it never does that, so there is a likely chance that somebody might have captured it, or he hopes it just went somewhere.

Escape players, Henry needs help in tracking his friend spider here and maybe rescuing it if the need arises. Want to help him then so that all of this can be done?

Halloween Giant Spider Escape is the newest point-and-click animal rescue escape game created by Big Escape Games.

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Walkthrough video for Halloween Giant Spider Escape

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