Police Dog Rescue

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There is a minor problem in the prison here and the officials there have it under control, but that is not enough for the warden though, he needs to check on everything just in case some hidden problem is up and they don’t know it happening under their noses. So the warden ordered the K9 unit to search the entire compound for everything.

As part of the unit, Chester needs to get his partner from his leash so they can begin. But there was a problem though and now Chester needs to find his keys to the lock on its leash for it is currently missing! Escape players, Chester is a bit concerned for losing something like that is definitely a thing to worry. Would you like to help him find it then so he can also release his highly-trained dog partner?

Police Dog Rescue is the newest point-and-click item retrieval animal escape game created by Games 2 Jolly.

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Walkthrough video for Police Dog Rescue

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