Escape From Rooms And Mystery Places Game

Escape From Rooms And Mystery Places

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The entire area which Oscar entered is devoid of people, at least that's what he sees for the place is off-limits to unauthorized personnel, that is why the area looks abandoned but actually, some of the buildings there are active. In all actuality, Oscar is not a personnel there even, and he just sneaked-in for he got very curious of the place for once it was the workplace of his father and he is not even allowed to go there. He thought there must be something secret going-on in the place and he has the reason to be suspicious, for he had found things which he couldn't explain once coming home with his father.

The entire day, Oscar roamed the place in search for anything interesting, he wasn't able to find such and he can't even get inside some of the complexes there for those were locked. At the moment he is near the artificial lake and it's getting cold now, he needs to leave and reevaluate his next move concerning the place. Escape players, Oscar will be leaving now but it seems he is having a hard-time in doing so, will you just help him without getting spotted by anybody there?

Escape From Rooms And Mystery Places is another new point and click area escape game made by 5n Games.

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