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Look Beyond 01

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As you traverse into a wilderness in your trip in Asia specifically in the Philippines, you were very excited for the sights in the country are good and because a lot of islands are in that country, there are more stuff to see and it's just breathe-taking. As you were in a location however where the famous Mayon volcano stands, something mysterious happened and it seems that the place changed! You traversed this different place and you saw it was somehow similar to the area which you are familiar with, but judging with the additional things you saw, you thought you were really not in the same place anymore, or how about in the same dimension!

Before going to the country, you managed to take a look at its folklore and you always do in every country you go to, you heard about these earthbound beings called the 'Engkantos' and they have magical abilities which can get people lost, they also have well established kingdoms very well hidden and invisible in the forests and you thought, you might have gotten caught by them! Escape players, this is no joke now for you are really seeing different stuff there where you are and worst too is that you are alone on this journey! Will you be able to escape first using only the typical things that one must do when getting lost in the great outdoors?

Look Beyond 01 is the newest point and click strange wilderness escape game created by First Escape Games.

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