Halloween Rat Escape Game

Halloween Rat Escape

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On the eve of Halloween, Corey expects this messenger rat to pass the message from the village deep in the dark wilderness and it had always been like this since. In the week before Halloween arrives, the forest surrounding the remote village and the town where Corey lives gets very dangerous and some would even say it gets haunted! That's why people finishes every task there like supplying goods and sending letters to that secluded village before the place gets dangerous. But the relay messages never stop though and that's where the bird and rat messengers comes in, for they send messages back and forth to the village just to confirm if the people there are okay or not for the forest is not a place to be in especially on the night of Halloween. Just when Corey thought nothing is going to go wrong on the eve of Halloween where every terror begins in the forest, something did and Corey has no choice but to fix it!

Corey expected the messenger rat to arrive an hour ago but unfortunately, it never came and he thought something might have happened to it? Very likely and Corey cannot dismiss that for what if that message the rat is relaying back is important? He needs to find that rat even if it means he needs to enter the forest which is a very dangerous decision, but what can he do? The lives of the villagers there might be at risk and that message is their only hope. Escape players, come and help Corey here find his messenger rat in the forest during the eve of Halloween and escape from there quickly then!

Rat Escape is a brand new point and click animal rescue escape game released by Games 2 Jolly.

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