The Rooms: Escape Challenge

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Here we are with a new escape challenge and this time it’s going to be in a very interactive setting with a 3D interface. For the challenge here escape players, you will be trying to escape the rooms which is a place that holds a lot of secrets and only a tiny fraction of it had been discovered. That is how good the place in hiding its secrets and another thing too, it is also very good in keeping people trapped!

Escape players, you will now be in the escape challenge here in the rooms. Use what you can find in there and manipulate them to other things to either help in finding a way out of there, or to uncover the place’s secrets. Will you be able to go through the place’s challenge and escape from there relaxed?

The Rooms: Escape Challenge is a 3D multilevel point-and-click room escape game from FreePDA.

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Walkthrough video for The Rooms: Escape Challenge

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4 months ago

How strange. I read that this game on the mobile platform almost became a subgenre standard. Or am I confusing it with some other legendary “Rooms”?