Abandoned Place Escape (5N Games) Game

Abandoned Place Escape (5N Games)

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While you were enjoying your summer vacation somewhere, another place was experiencing a typhoon. You turned off your internet there and only focused on the beauty of nature. Although you really wanted to take a look at your emails and social media, you stopped yourself. You somehow wanted a surprising good news you'll see later. However, instead of a good news, what you saw was the devastating situation of your fellowmen. This made you want to act immediately. However, your friend reminded you to think about what's needed. You can't give them something of the same thing as that would be useless. Then again, you wanted to know first hand the needs of the victims. So you flew to the location. There your heart was tearing into pieces. You found it hard to digest everything that was in front of your eyes.

But you didn't want to turn your head away from the abandoned place. So instead, you walked around some more hoping an inspiration will come. Then in the middle of the silence, you can hear some noise coming from a wooden material. You followed it only to discover a boy inside it. Play Abandoned Place Escape (5N Games) outdoor escape game by 5n Games.

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