Escape From Modern Office

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The office is now silent for every co-worker of Sasha have clocked-out for the day, well not for her at least for now, that’s because she is currently doing an overtime and she’ll be out in a few hours. As she was doing her work there, something happened and now she is absolutely puzzled!

Sasha couldn’t open the doors there and even so with the normal doors! This office here has modernity and some of the doors are tech-y, that’s understandable. But for the normal doors to be locked as well makes this situation sketchy. Escape players, Sasha might want to step outside for a moment, want to help her escape then and slowly so she won’t damage anything there?

Escape From Modern Office is a brand new point-and-click rooms escape game from WoW Escape.

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Walkthrough video for Escape From Modern Office

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