Escape From Halloween Palace Game

Escape From Halloween Palace

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The palace which is located on a hill is a place not to be visited. Why though? That's because the place is crazy haunted and abandoned! Nowadays, the house now lives-up to its looks of being a scary place. Anton was pretty curious about the structure though, not only because of the spooks, but the place looks historical and who knows what valuable antiques are still in there. The structure is not really a palace though, at least half of it for it is a house once used by a very powerful duke but when he died, everything started to spiral down until the house was abandoned. Now the place stands and is said to be haunted, probably even confirmed for there are people saying that they have witnessed things in the house and those are real!

Anton was not swayed by what he hears still for he had heard it all before, but little did he know he is going to experience something there when he enters and only then he will confirm what he is told is actually real! Escape players, want to join Anton here for an adventure? Know that you will also get the same situation as Anton's so you need to solve the eventual problem together. Ready yourselves now and careful in the house for you can get pretty lost in there.

Escape From Halloween Palace is another new point and click indoor escape game made by Top 10 New Games.

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