Halloween Mystic Palace Escape

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Shelby had been told not to enter the ancient abandoned palace near their neighborhood for the place is really not for the weak of spirit. Shelby thought she was so, but actually she wasn’t. Brave in her decisions that is, but she seems to be unaware of consequences that she breaks-down when the after-effects of her actions finally catches-up to her. Like this one for that day, she entered the palace for in her mind it’s going to be fun. Well at first it was when her friends were with her, but it only changed when the doors started slamming behind them and Shelby got isolated from the group!

Shelby of course broke-down for this is the last thing she expects happening, that’s kind of weird but guess she didn’t think this would happen when they are there in a place which was big and nobody was in it. Guess Shelby will now be saving herself here for who knows where her friends are, they could have already escaped for she can’t hear them anymore. Shelby must pick herself up now if she wants to escape from the place, but she is still going to need some help for this is a little bit too difficult for her. Escape players, will you take on the advanced parts here so that Shelby can escape? Be careful then and stay alert, for who knows what sorts of surprises are in store here in the old place just for you.

Halloween Mystic Palace Escape is the newest point and click scary indoor escape game created by Games 2 Rule.

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Walkthrough video for Halloween Mystic Palace Escape

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