Marvelous Living Room Fun Escape Game

Marvelous Living Room Fun Escape

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Christmas is coming so Lino decided to decorate his house to the occasion and as a first step, he will begin from his living-room and then outward until he reaches the exterior of his house. Lino will begin putting-out his decors from the closet where those are being kept all year round and he is even ready for the dust which had accumulated. But it's not the only thing he should be ready for, of course he should be ready to spend the entire day to finish the task, but there was something else and it's a different problem altogether.

As Lino was about to leave the house and get the decors outside to remove the dust, he realized he could not open the main-door. Strange, but he urgently needs to get outside so he tried the backdoor but it too was locked! Lino is getting pretty confused here as well as frustrated, it's like something is keeping him inside and he doesn't even know what. But he needs to fix this though whatever this is so he can get out of there. Escape players, will you help Lino here and see if you can escape the house as well as fix this strange occurrence?

Marvelous Living Room Fun Escape is the newest point and click indoor escape game created by Fun Escape Games.

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