Thriller House Escape Game

Thriller House Escape

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This time escape players, you will play an escape game which is inside another escape game! This challenge here is about escaping from a house which was quite decent and you are playing such on your phone, but to add that you are also playing such in the real world! This is a pretty different challenge here but you still have to finish the challenge there as quickly as you can if you want to win. If you can get to the end quickly, you'll potentially win the prize for the fastest one to accomplish the game's challenges.

Escape players, will you be one of those who can finish the challenge quickly by solving the house's obstacles which are all stopping you from finishing the fastest? Be ready then for everything there is designed exactly to stop you. Find clues and make use of different items in the house, and try not to destroy the phone too if ever there is an obstacle that is delaying you or something.

Come check this escape adventure here everyone and this time on a virtual phone! Thriller House Escape is another new point and click house escape game made by 8b Games and Games 2 Mad.

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