Mysterious Password Forest – Autumn Edition 2

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In the previous escape adventure from a forest, Nathaniel was able to gather the berries which he was told to gather and from there, the forest set him free! But on the other side of the said forest however, there was the same thing happening with a certain someone who entered the area without having the slightest knowledge she was actually in a mysterious place, and when she did enter a challenge immediately made itself known! That person was Brenda and when she set her foot in the area, she immediately got a strange message directly to her mind!

Brenda was told that she won’t be able to escape the place now unless, she does the task given to her first! Brenda almost went hysterical, not because of the task or anything, but the voice inside her head! Brenda have no idea what’s going-on but when she tried to escape the place however, she couldn’t and now she has no choice but to take the task and escape. Escape players, the task for Brenda was simple yet difficult, she only needs to retrieve an amount of crystals of 2 different kinds and when she does, she’ll be able to escape then. Escape players, after Nathaniel’s situation will you still solve another problem here but this time with Brenda?

Mysterious Password Forest – Autumn Edition 2 is a point and click game created by Ainars for Escape Fan. This game is a part of the first one as the start of the series.

Walkthrough video for Mysterious Password Forest – Autumn Edition 2

Mysterious Password Forest - Autumn Edition 2 Walkthrough


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