Elegant Place Escape

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Edwin is thinking which place he would visit in his vacation, will it be in a resort or in an old but beautiful town which had been in his bucket-list for a while now. Edwin was deciding hard for there are a lot of factors affecting him now, from budget to time spent traveling and staying there, as well as cost. Eventually Edwin decided to check the old town and maybe it’ll be great. Well it was and he didn’t regret as he arrived in the place.

Edwin was starting to like the place for it had everything he had wished for to visit, nice scenes, beautiful parks, and classic houses there which dates back to the times this was just a small town. Edwin will surely be coming back one day to bring his friends or family, but as he was going around the place though, guess that’s going to have to hold, for Edwin just got lost in the area and no matter how he tried to find the path back, he just gets into more places not familiar to him! Edwin now knew how vast this place is and navigating isn’t easy, if he had to bring someone here, they should have a map each and get familiar with it. But now escape players, Edwin needs help here in navigating. Will your skills and logic be enough for so and safely?

Elegant Place Escape is a new outdoors escape game developed by Games 2 Rule.

Walkthrough video for Elegant Place Escape


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