Elegant Girl Escape Game

Elegant Girl Escape

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Join us on this escape adventure here from a decent house. Elegant Girl Escape is another new point and click indoor escape game made by 8b Games for more fun with us daily. Good luck!

The suburbs gets pretty boring sometimes, that's why everyone has a friend in the place even though they are a bit of an introvert, and for Reina she has this friend who was beautiful. This beautiful girl can be a little introverted too for her parents tends to keep her indoors and it's good for she is prone to danger often. Reina came to her house that day so they can do something new to kick-off the boredom, but something happened while Reina was in there though and it's weird for she is already familiar with the place.

Reina entered from the back of the house and when she called her friend, there was no response from anyone, so she just searched the house for her friend and her parents but unfortunately, that weird thing occurred and that is her getting trapped in the place! The doors would not open anymore and Reina was confused as heck. Escape players, this situation can get worst and Reina must leave so she can know what's going-on really. Come and join Reina on this escape here then, have fun everyone!

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