Egypt Cave Escape

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Eduardo’s journey here in Egypt in search for ancient stuff just backfired! For when he tried to enter a sealed ancient temple, it collapsed and now he is inside and couldn’t escape! Eduardo lit the torches there on the walls which had not been on fire for centuries, but still works and now what’s facing him is this grilled door which seems to be guarding the exit. Great, he can’t get inside earlier and now he couldn’t get out. Eduardo is a bit scared here for it is said places like this has curses or traps, very different than caves which he had been to mostly in his adventures. Those can both be a problem for his mortality in the long run and that’s why he needs to be very careful here as he tries to escape.

Escape players, Eduardo here is very much ready to escape and because this is a find already, he needs to be quick before somebody else claims this. Will you help Eduardo out and hopefully through everything there which was built to stop intruders? Find clues then and everything you can find to escape, solve puzzles and carefully, for you might be solving a trap there. Be ready.

Egypt Cave Escape is a brand new point and click ancient place escape game from 8b Games and Games 2 Mad.