Kindly Koala Escape

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Koala’s can be slow and delicate, but they are robust and resilient to almost anything as well. Like the koalas in the wilderness here which was a reserve. Koalas are not endemic in this place, but because of the very recent happenings in Australia, some sanctuaries in other countries have volunteered to accept some of the koalas there for protection and breeding including this reserve. If they are successful with this they will then send the koalas back in decent numbers to Australia. As a sanctuary personnel there, Darwin is getting his hands full in checking each and every koalas there for health, but they are not in one place so he needs to find them.

It was a typical day at work which he does happily twice a month and everything was fine, well that’s until he found one koala and it was actually in some trouble! Darwin found a koala in some of the caves there and he knew they should have covered it just to prevent something like this to happen. Now he needs to help the koala now and call for reinforcements then. Escape players, the koala seems to be doing fine but not for long, will you give Darwin a hand here so that the koala can be helped quickly?

Kindly Koala Escape is the newest point and click animal rescue escape game from Games 4 King.