Scared Boy Escape 2 (8b Games)

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Anna and her son is about to move to a new house which was not really newly built, it’s a house that belonged to their family and there were already stuff there which they can use. As always Anna was careful for her son is kind of like the fearful one and just about anything will scare him. That day as they got to the new house, Anna held her son well for there might be something there that can scare him, well actually there was and Anna got definitely caught off-guard with that!

Anna’s son suddenly ran for again he saw something! But the bad thing about that is he ran to a wrong direction and got himself trapped inside a room! Anna tried to get his son then but it was already too late, his son was already trapped and the door could not be opened. Even then Anna was confused why the door is jammed now, maybe her son is blocking it from the other side? Well whatever it is she needs help here to free her boy and the only way to do that now is with your help escape players. So will you help on this rescue?

Scared Boy Escape 2 is a brand new point and click indoor rescue escape game from 8b Games. This game is a continuation of the first one as its sequel.

Walkthrough video for Scared Boy Escape 2 (8b Games)


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