Door Haunted House Escape Game

Door Haunted House Escape

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Door Haunted House Escape is another new point and click spooky indoor escape game made by Games 4 Escape. Good luck on this haunted escape adventure with us!

There was this haunted house and for years, nobody had been to the place nor even anyone would dare go there, that's all thanks to the haunts and spookiness of the place which not everyone wants to experience, everyone but Jay however for he is kind of a daredevil, and he had already been to many places which many would not decided to go. It's even perfect for Jay's day is going to turn eve of the Halloween a few hours later. And so, Jay began his adventure to the place with nothing on him but his gear. On his adventure there however, he is going to wish that he had brought someone with him for he is going to need some rescue there.

Jay just got trapped in one of the rooms of the house! And it's even a new thing for him that he actually entered a place which was confirmed to be haunted. Escape players, Jay here doesn't want to get in-trouble especially in a place such as this and the worst part is he doesn't have any rescue coming for him, that's why he needs to escape first though and probably return someday. Will you all be able to escape the house with Jay here? Good luck then everyone and enjoy with us everyday!


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