Cute Worm Escape

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There was this worm in the forest which was very distinct, but people leaves it alone for they believe it is a manifestation of the spirit of the forest and they do have a reason to believe that, for sometimes the worm would talk to some people and would even drive persons away who have ill will against the place. As one of the resident who lives in the forest, Rafael often sees the worm on trees and he knows to give it respect for the thing looks scary, but he knows he wouldn’t hurt him for he has no ill intent with the place. But one day however, somebody actually did something and it’s not towards the forest though, but to the worm itself!

The worm just got trapped in a cage and Rafael saw it first for the contraption was just along the path! Why would the worm enter in such a cage though? Rafael was very confused for that being is quite wise and it should have sensed the ill intent of that certain someone who set the cage. Still Rafael must rescue the worm by getting the door of the cage opened and freeing it back to the forest. Escape players, come and help Rafael here rescue the worm which was a strange being in the forest.

Cute Worm Escape is another new point and click animal rescue escape game made by Games 2 Jolly.

Walkthrough video for Cute Worm Escape


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