Rescue The Cow

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Ortiz always had a problem in his farm but only minor ones though and not too difficult that it would take him an entire day to solve. That day however, another problem occurred and it was immediately a major one! One that he might not even be able to solve completely! Ortiz lost one of his cows for the fence that keeps it in broke! Now it is most likely that the animal went directly to the forest where his farm was next to and he fears that it might get hunted by the wild predators or might even get stolen by someone. Ortiz needs to find his cow for he doesn’t have much in his farm and he even plans to increase their numbers through breeding.

Escape players, come and help Ortiz here with his problem before the day ends and chances to find it then will significantly lower. Find clues around the area of Ortiz’s farm and be quick for every moment spent is every moment near in not finding that farm animal at all.

Come and test your skills here everyone and see if you can find a missing farm animal. Rescue The Cow is the newest point and click animal rescue escape game created by Top 10 New Games.