Cute Dog Is Hungry Escape

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Irma just woke-up and it was already late! She needs to feed her animals and even her dog for everything was really behind schedule now, she needs to move. Irma first fed her farm animals and her fish, then it was time for her dog for the little thing would not stop barking from her doghouse. Okay, okay, I’ll let you out and feed you, says Irma. But as she did though there was a problem, for she could no longer open the doghouse for the keys to its door were missing!

Great, it’s now one problem after the other, but she is going to solve this for not only she has no other choice, but her dog might get hurt in her attempts to get out of its house. Escape players, Irma is definitely going to need some help here, for she realized another problem. Those keys were a bundle, and one of them was also the key to the shed where the dog food is! Okay guess she is really going to need those keys even more, if she can’t find it then the only solution might be an invasive elbow-grease powered tool here. But that’s the least of the option though, so will you help her with this then so she won’t have to use force?

Cute Dog Is Hungry Escape is a brand new point and click animal rescue escape game from Games 2 Jolly.

Walkthrough video for Cute Dog Is Hungry Escape


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