Find The Xmas Cake 2019

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Karen had locked her doors finally this year for the area where she lives has this cake thieves and they only steal cakes! That’s pretty weird for Karen has a lot of valuables in her home but none of those went missing ever, there must be a giant rat here or something but she surely knows that there is someone who is doing this. One Christmas eve, Karen had closed everything in her home which anyone can possibly enter, but as secured as she can be, still the cake that she made went missing!

Karen was definitely furious now for if not the people outside took the cake, then who could possibly do that even though her house was locked-down? Karen needs to find that cake and most importantly to where it will lead her, for if she ever finds that certain someone who keeps doing this then this problem will finally be solved. Escape players, care to join Karen here on the search for her missing Christmas cake and of course to find-out too what is happening here?

Come and try this challenge here everyone where you’ll have to find a missing cake. Find The Xmas Cake 2019 is a brand new point and click item retrieval escape game released by Games 2 Jolly.