Cute Goat Hungry Escape

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Diego will now begin his chores for the day, and after he cleaned his house as fast as he could, he will now be feeding his animals outside. First, his goat which is really sounding like an alarm there. Okay, okay, fresh grass and hay is on the way. But little did Diego know he will be facing a bit of a problem, and that is he could not access his food stocks for the key to his small storage seems to be missing.

Okay, he needs to refocus and find that thing, he must be extra quick too for this is already taking so much of his time. Escape players, Diego still has a lot to finish and he is burning daylight. Would you like to help him on this problem so he can feed his goat and then off to another task?

Cute Goat Hungry Escape is s new point-and-click retrieval game developed by Games 2 Jolly.

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Walkthrough video for Cute Goat Hungry Escape

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