Help The Hungry Chinook Dog

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Drew’s puppy just went missing that day, that dog of his is actually a big Chinook dog but to him it is still his little puppy. Drew is now very concerned of where his dog went, he was just in the backyard but now he is gone. Drew really tried his best until, he actually had some progress and found his dog! But it was not in the best situation at the moment though.

Drew found his dog inside some cage! He doesn’t know who this cage belongs to but this really made him furious. Drew called for help then so he can get his dog out of the cage but nobody responded sadly. Eventually, Drew decided to do this himself for he can’t take it anymore. Escape players, this is not a wise decision, but he has gone through this now, would you just like to help him find anything so he can free his dog from the cage quickly?

Help The Hungry Chinook Dog is the newest point-and-click pet rescue escape game from Games 2 Jolly.

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Walkthrough video for Help The Hungry Chinook Dog

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