Cute Cabbage Rescue

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As a farmer, Leo is really doing his best here in producing output, for at least a couple of towns are relying on him and they all need to be supplied. Leo is doing well actually and he is really recovering after that demand crisis, that’s thanks to the help of other farmers from faraway lands and he now has grace time to get ready. That day however he stopped his chores for a moment, why is that so? Well that’s because he found s0mething in his cage there which was suppose to catch wild game.

Leo found what seems to be a cabbage in his cage, that’s weird, but it wasn’t just a vegetable though, for the thing had a face, arms and legs, and is sentient! That was one thing he did not expect to find, but there it was looking back at him. Leo have no idea what he just found there, he doesn’t trust himself either if this thing he is seeing was even real. But as he looked at the strange creature though, it seems to be gentle and good, so okay he’ll free it. But he needs to do that carefully, for all he knows this cabbage thing could actually be dangerous. Escape players, Leo is going to release this cabbage and carefully so it can see how it is when it is free. Will you be able to help him so that he can do this safely for it as well as himself?

Cute Cabbage Rescue is another new point and click escape game made by Games 2 Escape.

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Walkthrough video for Cute Cabbage Rescue

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