Plane Crashed Land Escape

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This area here in the forest is a place filled with crash-landed lightweight aircraft, well actually it is really crash-landed on purpose! The place is like a garden of carnage together with all of this wilderness, there were chunks of metal everywhere and most were really indistinguishable aircraft material. These all came from the aircraft research facility nearby and these were the results of recent tests. The guys at the facility will be coming to get all of these soon and that’s why Vince was there just to see if he can assist for at times he does that and he would be rewarded by unwanted parts. But as he was there though it seems that he needs help, for he got something else there which he did not expect.

Vince found-out he was lost in the place! Guess he guided himself badly there for he was so interested with the crashed aircraft that he did not notice that early. He needs to get back to familiar areas here now so he can meet the team. Escape players, want to help Vince on this so he won’t push himself deeper into the forest?

Plane Crashed Land Escape is a brand new point and click wilderness escape game from WoW Escape.

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Walkthrough video for Plane Crashed Land Escape

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