Cranberry Cottage Escape Game

Cranberry Cottage Escape
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The cranberry cottage belongs to a very rich family but they only go there in the summer for vacation. Only the caretakers are left there and that day, they had a new one who was Quincy. Actually she wasn't new in working for the family, she had already worked for them in their residence but now that she moved to a different area which was actually pretty near the cranberry cottage, she was assigned there so she wouldn't have to travel far. Upon arriving, Quincy saw how huge the house was even though it isn't really tall, but the area it occupied was wide.

And so Quincy began her first day and it had been slow, the rooms were great and she only had to clean a few things for there weren't really anybody doing messes there. That day however on her first day at the cottage, something happened and because her fellow caretakers have already left, she had nobody to help her out! Quincy got lost in the area of the cranberry cottage for it's like a maze there going in, out, and winding! She needs help here right now, will you go and do so for Quincy escape players and have a fun escape for yourself too in an awesome place?

Cranberry Cottage Escape is a brand new point and click house escape game from Fun Escape Games.

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