Coral Island Escape

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Coral island is a remote island and it’s kind of dangerous, that’s why only a few people goes there and some never even returns for reasons unclear. Coral island is constantly bombarded by bad weather and buffeting winds, but that day though as Wesley went to the place, he was in some great luck, for it is calm there, serene, and sunny! This is something new definitely, and because the island is beautiful, Wesley was compelled to dismount his boat and head for its beaches. It was difficult to get to the shore actually, for the waters are riddled with corals and rocks which can definitely put holes on a boat. Well as he sets foot there, little did he know that there is going to be a problem for him there, but it’s not just the kind that he had expected however.

Wesley got lost in the island! That is a real confusing thing indeed, but it is happening now and Wesley could not find the area where he docked his boat. What’s going-on here? Slowly the stories that Wesley heard from his friends are starting to return, and those are about the people who went there and never came back. Maybe this is what happened to them here? Pondered Wesley. But he definitely doesn’t want to end-up like them now, that’s why he needs to leave right now. Escape players, want to help Wesley here as he gets out of the island while there is still light? This might not be easy, but you still must try.

Coral Island Escape is another new point and click wilderness escape game made by Games 2 Rule.

Walkthrough video for Coral Island Escape


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