Cheery Turtle Escape

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Ron never really thought that this strange-looking turtle that passes his house everyday is actually an exquisite animal! It was ultra rare even though it is endemic in the area. Ron thought that the same turtle was not the same everyday and it’s just a different individual, but he was wrong for it had a distinct marking on it which he saw a few weeks ago and from there, he confirmed it was the same turtle every time. And so, Ron did some extensive research on it until he realized what the turtle was which was a cherry turtle and how rare it is. But strangely though, an entire week had came by and the turtle did not pass his area, it was weird but Ron didn’t think of it seriously for it is an animal and it could be anywhere. Well little did he know that the turtle actually got into something and at the moment, it is trapped!

Escape players, Ron will come to know that when he goes to town which was very near his place, that is where the turtle is. Come and place yourself on the shoes of Ron here everyone and see if you can help in rescuing the little rare turtle or their species could disappear forever.

Cheery Turtle Escape is a brand new point and click animal rescue escape game from Games 4 King.