Combatant Hamster Escape

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Earl has this friend who was not really a typical one and he is warrior, as a prince of a kingdom he has lots of them, but nothing can replace this one warrior that he has, for this one was a combative hamster! Earl’s mini warrior is a secret, for who knows what kinds of negative things which might happen to him and it when people finds-out, it’s really better that nobody knows about it.

That day Earl was in need of his warrior hamster again for he had given this guy an important mission and it must be carried-out. But the hamster never returned though and Earl is getting really uneasy. This mission here might become a failure and he is scared too that he’ll lose the hamster, for he’ll also lose a friend. That’s why Earl have set-out to find this hamster himself, he had already checked every place there the quickest but now he needs to move to other places for the castle is now cleared. This rescue is really going to be time sensitive and each moment could be very important for this warrior hamster. Escape players, want to give Earl here some help on this rescue?

Combatant Hamster Escape is the newest point and click rescue escape game from Games 4 King.

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Walkthrough video for Combatant Hamster Escape

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