Hamster Escape (Games 2 Jolly)

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Donnie’s hamster just escaped from its cage! He almost got it but his hands did not make it and the creature just kept running. Donnie was definitely concerned then, for he knows his neighbors have set traps for rats all around the place there and even them! Some of the traps were even harmful to rodents and that’s what Donnie is in great fear of of actually. Donnie tracked his hamster down until he found it, he found the creature trapped inside one of the traps and he is thankful it’s not one of those dangerous ones that captured it. Still it was captured and it needs a rescue right now.

Donnie doesn’t exactly know who this cage belongs to here where his hamster was in, but he promises to set it again the moment he is able to free his hamster there. Escape players. want to help Donnie here so he can get his pet out quickly before somebody sees him here and get himself in potential trouble? Go ahead then, help him find items that can help and get this problem then done.

Hamster Escape is a brand new point and click pet rescue escape game released by Games 2 Jolly.

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Walkthrough video for Hamster Escape (Games 2 Jolly)

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