Funny Hyena Escape

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As a carpenter, you really built a lot of structures there in your area in the forest, now everything had been done and that’s why you are now resting. But that day though you noticed something different, there was one less energy giving thing there and that’s your hyena, which was nowhere to be found!

You tried to find your hyena for it was still young and active, it could get in trouble in so many more ways there, that’s why you were really determined to find that little thing. You looked around in every nook and cranny there until, you found the creature inside one of the small houses you built just for it! The little guy is trapped in there and he has no idea what happened, what exactly happened to it anyways? Even you are asking. But as you check it, the logical answer was that it got hyperactive and entered the small house, and because of its thrashing inside the thing just locked. That is the most likely explanation, but you cannot just stand there and speculate, you must free your hyena there before it gets hurt. Escape players, now you are in this situation, will you be able to free your hyena there and quickly? It is also trying to escape so make haste.

Funny Hyena Escape is a new outdoors animal rescue escape game developed by Games 2 Jolly.

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Walkthrough video for Funny Hyena Escape

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