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City Ruins 3

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We joined Hugo in the previous escape adventure, he was in the desert and found this abandoned dry settlement, you wanna know what he found there? Check the previous game then for this time, we will be joining another person with another thing on his plate. Instead of the great desert, we will join Edgar who was in a lush forest where there was a ruins there which he just accidentally found. He was never really bound to find the place, for he was in the forest for an adventure, but it seems that he is really destined though for the ruins now intrigues him very much.

Edgar will study the ruins even more for it looks like it has something to hide and it could be quite valuable. Edgar doesn't know what he'll find there though, it might be valuable information or some ancient items, or what about things that he doesn't even expect! Escape players, want to join Edgar here and see what you can find in the ruins deep in the forest? Be careful too for there could be traps which might be protecting the place.

City Ruins 3 is the newest point and click escape game created by First Escape Games. This game is a part of the first game as the start of the series.

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