City Ruins 2

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In the previous escape adventure, we joined Dustin who was trying to escape from his city for a bunch of unworldly robots have destroyed the entire place! But now we will be far from that time and be back to medieval times or even far longer than that. Hugo was a lonely traveler and even though he had been to every terrain across the world selling stuff and seeing the sights of everything in the planet, nothing really beats him good but whenever he is in the desert. He would almost always surrender, but if he does that then he won’t be able to continue and he shall rest for good. That day however as he continues his adventure through the dry wilderness, he saw a small town in the distance and he knows it ain’t a mirage, so he approached it but then when he arrived, he saw that it was actually abandoned.

So much for fresh food and water which he expected to get from the small settlement, but maybe he can find something there which he can still use for there seems to be some things left there. Escape players, want to join Hugo here find something and escape quickly? For this is the only settlement he saw in the desert and this could be a trap from some desert bandits.

City Ruins 2 is the newest point and click desert escape game created by First Escape Games. This game is a continuation of the first one as the start of the series.