Old Mockery Room Escape

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Tommy was moving around the old chief’s hall which was used by the locals as a sacred place to do their rituals, and it is the seat of their chief. It is still being used to this day but not so often and they even allow visitors to come and check the place out. Tommy was simply fascinated with what they have done there without using machinery, Tommy absolutely loves the place, but he saw it a bit empty compared to the sneak-peeks he had seen from the pictures outside, it must have been that one tourist damaged an item there so that forced the locals to keep the ancient artifacts in their storage. Wise decision, but Tommy however seems to have experienced something there as he went from room to room and he thought he knew from the start it wasn’t wise to go inside a closed door there.

Tommy got trapped in what seems to be a bigger hall in the place which looks off limits! He is now trapped there for the door would not open and he can’t really force it for he might damage the old thing. Tommy is in some trouble here now, will you help him out escape players so he can go on his merry way like nothing happened? Use the items around the room and be very careful with those though, for damaging it will bring more trouble than a solution.

Old Mockery Room Escape is a brand new point and click room escape game from Genie Fun Games.