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City Ruins

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Very advanced robots are now attacking the city and they have pretty much destroyed everything! What remains of the humans there could either be under the ground hiding, or have already fled from the place, for now those things have nothing to kill anymore and he bets those who have escaped are being hunted down now. Dustin is still in the city though hiding and avoiding the robots as he finds clues about them and trying to escape too. He doesn't know yet if those things came from space or from the future. If those came from aliens then he bets they are not doing this for the good of humankind.

Dustin needs to escape right-now before he is found and incinerated by those weird weapons they have, will he be able to and get himself to safety then? Escape players, how will you escape such a situation if you are faced with the same one as Dustin's? Place yourself on his situation then and stay alert for the robots can move stealthily too and ambush humans. Be clever and find even the tiniest clues to help stop those things.

City Ruins is a brand new point and click danger escape game released by First Escape Games.

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